Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Onebook work with my booking websites?
A: Yes Onebook integrates with all New Zealand’s booking websites, as well as many overseas websites. There is a very high chance we will integrate with the sites you are currently using.
Q. My property doesn’t get good search rankings on booking channels. Will Onebook be worth it for me?
A: Your property will be getting punished by the booking channels for not being correctly and constantly updated. This is understandable, as the websites demand a lot from the user. Onebook fixes this, and will raise your property to the top of your local search listings.
A: Onebook’s subscription service is designed to fulfill all the requirements of the booking channels. With Onebook, your property will rise to the top of search rankings on booking channels.

Q: The pictures and writing on my channels needs improving. And I’m not listed on some major channels. Can Onebook help me out?
A: Yes we can. If we don’t think your listing is competitive we will tell you when you sign up. Furthermore, Onebook offers services for improving channel listings, as well as creating them from scratch. If you’re interested please get in touch.

Q: I want to upgrade my website to take payments. Can Onebook set this up?
A: Yes we can. Onebook was born out of a digital marketing firm, and we have a web development division who can do this. Get in touch to ask us about it.

Q: Do you have technical support?
A: Yes we have telephone and/or email support 6 days a week.

Q: Do I need to sign a contract with Onebook
A: All new customers must sign up for a minimum of 6 months, after which you can exit the relationship at any time.

Q: Do you have a front-end channel manager that I can use myself?
A: No we do not currently have a front end for our channel manager. The only packages available are those in which you email us with the changes you wish to make.

Q: What types of businesses can use Onebook??
A: A: Onebook systems update online bookings more affordably than any other operator in New Zealand.
If you operate one holiday house, or if you operate twenty, you will be increasing your revenue with Onebook. Why? Because you will be reducing non-profit generating administration time and using that time to leverage your unique skill set to drive your business..

Q: What is so great about Onebook?
A: Onebook evolved out of a full service digital marketing firm. After working with clients in the accommodation business, we realised how many technological obstacles there were stopping people succeeding in this space.
We’re an excellent choice for your business because we know through experience how to enhance your listing on booking websites.
We’re also a great business to get to know because if you want to take your business to the next level, we have all the tools of a digital marketing agency available to you. And we’ve put these tools into affordable packages that are made with the financial realities of holiday homes businesses in mind.

Q: Do you have a affiliate/reseller/referral system?
A: Yes please message us with your referral and on confirmation of their new account you’ll receive $150.




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