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July 15, 2016
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3 Ways To Boost Your Performance On Airbnb

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Time to read - 4 minutes

If your property isn’t performing well on Airbnb, the website can seem overwhelming.

A low search ranking means that your property is often empty, while other properties in your area get steady bookings.

It also means that your growth on the website will be at a snail’s pace.

But you don’t have to accept failure. This state of affairs is 100% avoidable.

We’ve seen properties go from zero bookings to top of their areas search listings, over the period of one to two high-seasons.

If they can do it, you can too.

Here are three key ways to improve your property’s performance on Airbnb.

#1: Conversion Rate

Airbnb monitors how many enquiries that get sent to you, and how many of them get booked. This is called your “conversion rate”. Bookabach does the exact same thing.

Enquiries ÷ Bookings = Conversion Rate

The better your conversion rate, the higher your search ranking. With some allowance for the fact that you can occasionally turn down undesirables.

To fix your conversion rate you need to:

Respond to enquiries within 24 hours. Don’t beat yourself up about this if you’re not perfect, it’s hard to change habits. The easiest path to a good response rate success is to receive your Airbnb emails right on your smartphone.

Update Your Calendar With Bookings. If you’re smart you’ll be on at least one of the other holiday house platforms in New Zealand. Bookabach and HolidayHouses. You may also be on a hotel-style site like, Expedia, Agoda and so on.

Any bookings you take on these other platforms, you need to input into your Airbnb calendar (and vice versa).

This will mean you won’t have to reject enquiries for for nights that’re already booked, which ups your conversion rate.


Of course keeping calendars updated is one of the biggest challenges of online booking websites. You have bookings, seasonal prices, and minimum night stays to update.

Which is why we developed automation tools. These tools keep all your calendars updated with the bookings you take. They’re super easy to use, and take only 10 minutes of set up time.

These automation tools perform many of the crucial tasks that are required to move up the search results on the booking websites.

To learn more, download our Holiday House Growth Guide. All the details are here.

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Airbnb Has Specific Demands. The More You Fulfill, The More You Succeed


#2 - Turn Instant Book On

Instant Book is the latest and most powerful trend in online bookings. A huge number of guests prefer it.

Airbnb reports that properties using Instant Book get 200% more conversions of enquiries than those who don’t use it.

Because of it’s popularity, if you turn Instant Book on, Airbnb immediately lifts your search ranking.

Airbnb also has a popular filter in it’s search engine, where guests can choose to only see Instant Book properties...

And Instant Book also massively improves your response rate, which as we’ve mentioned is one of the hardest pieces in the puzzle of becoming an Airbnb “Superhost”.

The risks are very low to you. If you don’t like the looks of the guest, Airbnb will allow you to cancel the booking with no negative consequences.

However it does require your calendar to be updated. If you want to learn about ways to do this automatically, click here.


#3 - Stop Being Generic. Think Like A Marketer

You need to realise that your property is constantly being weighed up against those around you.

Why so?

It’s to do with consumer behaviour on the booking sites (super important information ahead).

In most cases, when somebody searches for a listing, they’ll make a shortlist of 2 - 4 properties that fulfill their criteria.

Once your average consumer has gone through the website and made their shortlist, they’ll then fairly quickly choose the property that made the best impression, and try to book it.

So stop being generic! Think about what type of guests you usually receive, then tailor your listing to them.

Say you always receive families. Change your title and description, so that it will appeal to families. And if you can, add extra amenities that families would find appealing.

An example of how you could change your title:

A bad title: 3 Bedroom Lockwood Bach A good title: Quiet, Family Friendly Bach with Pool Table and Projector Home-Cinema

Don’t worry that you’ll be excluding people. If someone is booking for a group of adults, they’ll still realise that your “family” bach can fit their group.

But for the regulars you attract, you really need to jump out at them... Because those consumers are going to breeze through your listing. It’s up to you to really make it clear you’re the place for them.

Wouldn’t It Be Great To Be A Top Performing Property In Your Area?

Airbnb makes it public what it likes from hosts, and how you can move up their search rankings. It just so happens that most people don’t do what it takes.

If you want to learn what you're doing wrong, and how you can change it, take our quiz. Click the link on the image directly below.

The quiz is 10 short questions, and it will give you simple advice you can go out and action today.


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