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How To Top Your Local Market On Bookabach

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Time to read - 5 minutes

You probably don’t know it but Bookabach shows you your search engine score right on their dashboard, in order of what’s most important.

Which is great news because like any other booking website, topping their search ranks is by far the best way to positively impact your business.

Seeing your Bookabach search engine score empowers you to succeed faster on the platform, by clearly measuring the results of effort and resources you put in.

That being said, here’s some key ways to boost your search ranking on Bookabach.

#1 - Conversion Rate Matters The Most

We mentioned conversion rate in our Airbnb article. But because it’s by far and away the single most important factor in search ranking on Bookabach, we’re going to dive into it again.

When you sign into Bookabach, there is a small hyperlink on the left that says “How do I score/rank?”.

If you click on that, Bookabach will proceed to tell you what it is you’re not doing (or doing) to succeed on the platform.

At the top of that list of search factors, you’ll see your “Conversion” rate.

And the weight that your conversion rate is given in deciding your search ranking truly eclipses every other factor.

What is a conversion rate?

Enquiries ÷ Bookings = Conversion Rate

When Bookabach feeds you an enquiry, they know. And if you convert it into a booking, that contributes to a good search rank. If you don’t it affects your listing negatively.

On Airbnb & Bookabach your conversion rate can make or break your business.

The good new is, Bookabach determines its conversion rate over data from the last 12 months...

So the sooner you start plugging the holes, the sooner your property will be regularly occupied, rather than consistently empty.

So then, how do you fix your conversion rate?

bookabach conversion rate

A Virtuous Cycle: A Strong Conversion Rate Boosts Your Exposure


To Improve Your Conversion Rate: Block Out Dates That Are Already Booked


Enquiries ÷ Bookings = Conversion Rate

If people are enquiring for nights that are already booked, you will have to reject them…

This is the number one reason your conversion rate is poor, and it’s costing you bookings.

To Improve Your Conversion Rate: Reply to All Those Email Requests

If you use our automation tools, and follow the FEO Method, you’ll go a long way to reducing the number of unnecessary emails you receive.

So now that you live in a world with no redundant emails asking for nights already booked, you need to become super quick to respond to the messages you get. This helps you turn enquiries into bookings.

To Improve Your Conversion Rate: Turn “Book Now” On

We jump into this feature in the next section…


2 - Turn on All the Features - Book Now & Pay Now

These two features will immediately put you on the front foot. They’re crucial parts in the making of a successful online listing.

Why? Because Bookabach reports your Book Now requests secure bookings 250% more than a standard enquiry.

The simple fact is that most guests prefer to use Book Now when it’s available.

Using Book Now will mean you land more bookings and grow your conversion rate (which improves your search listing)

But if you’re going to use Book Now you must have a constantly updated calendar.

So if you’re using Book Now, why use Pay Now?

The same reason - it drives more bookings than if you’re not using it.

Again, Bookabach reports that properties which allow guests to Pay Now, receive more bookings.

That an oh, you can take 50% up front to provide you with winter cash flow. Plus you cement the transaction and ensure the guest doesn’t flake out.

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Onebook Automation Tools Keep Calendars Updated


#3 - On Price Setting, Short-Term Price Wars, & Snowballs

Price Setting

It’s super important that you become aware of the properties in your area that are in your “class”...

These are properties similar to yours, who attract the same types of guests. You need to be aware of their price points.

(You also need to be aware of other factors about their listings. We dive into that in our blog on actionable tips to make guests choose your property.)

Being aware of the seasonal price points of the properties you compete with, informs you what your price should be...

When you’re priced with properties like yours, discounts become an effective way to lift your property up the search rankings.


Short Term Price Wars

Say your property is priced according to the market, and it’s underperforming.

You’ve used the FEO Method and maybe some automation, and your calendar is set up right.

If you apply a discount, you increase your chances of taking a booking (On Bookabach the discounts are prominently shown.)

Well, the act of taking a booking instantly improves your conversion rate.

If you rinse and repeat this a handful of times, your property will start climbing the search ranks.


When you’re higher up the search ranks, you can remove the discount because you’ll start taking more enquiries (or Book Now reservations). Then because you’ve got a well-maintained calendar, you will be converting these enquiries at a much higher rate.

This is the snowball effect. It affects all the properties who use Bookabach correctly. The good new for you, is that most people don’t.


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