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May 3, 2016
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How To Maximize Your Bookings On HolidayHouses.co.nz

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When growing your holiday house business, the website HolidayHouses.co.nz is one of the three core websites you need to be on. The other two are Bookabach and Airbnb.

The greatest aspect of HolidayHouses, is how quickly you can propel yourself to success on the website...

If you’re not using HolidayHouses, or you’re getting very few enquiries from them, you can turn your performance around instantly.

That being said, let’s jump straight into a some key methods for boosting your success on the HolidayHouses website.

Go For “Gold” To Drive More Bookings

HolidayHouses search rankings are far less dynamic than Bookabach & Airbnb.

The upside of which is that you can gain traction almost immediately on the website.

And you can do this without spending any money up front on an expensive subscription. Nor do you have to decrease the profit per booking.


To understand how, you must quickly learn how HolidayHouses structures their search listings...

They have three different “tiers” in their search ranks. Gold, Silver & Classic. This is what these listings can do for you:

Gold tier properties are those included in the massive carousel at the top of the site. They are also included in the large tiled section immediately below the carousel... Gold listings get three times the enquiries of Classic.

Silver tier properties are listed in the large tiled section below the carousel. Silver listings get two times the enquiries of Classic.

Classic tier properties get listed in the very bottom section of small tiles.

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A Prominent Search Listing = Success


How can you put Gold Commission to work for you?

It’s clear you want the Gold tier slot. Your lifeblood is bookings, and a Gold tier listing will deliver the best booking performance.

But at $1199 per year this can seem out of reach to a property with lacklustre performance. (Even though it’s one of the best investments you can make in your business).

So the way to avoid this large annual payment is to leverage the Gold commission listing.

Commision-based listings pay no money up front. However a Gold tier listing does pay 15% on each booking.

You don’t want to drop your profit per booking? The workaround is that you raise your price on HolidayHouses by around 6% to compensate (you’d be paying them anyway, right?).

And you’ve just bought a huge amount more bookings.

Note that Onebook has no financial association with HolidayHouses.co.nz whatsoever. We don’t benefit if you decide to up your listing. Our only concern is that your property succeeds.


How To Use Instant Online Bookings on HolidayHouses

Oddly enough, the only way activate instant Online Bookings on HolidayHouses is to become a commission based property.

Now HolidayHouses has no official data about it’s instant “Online Bookings”, but the other two heavy hitters do.

Bookabach says that it means you book 250% more interested parties than if you didn’t have it.

Airbnb will immediately shunt your listing up the search rankings when you turn on Instant Book. It reports that Instant Book converts 200% more interested parties than if you weren't using it.

But to use instant booking you need a perfect calendar, which has until now been an impossible task.

It’s possible now using our automation tools, which keep your calendars updated for you. Take a look at our Holiday House Growth Guide to learn how these work.

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Onebook Automation Keeps Your Calendars Perfect


How To Craft A Listing That Attracts More Bookings

Now that your property is listed in the Gold (or at least silver) tier of HolidayHouses, you need to make sure you have a listing that sells itself.

Because no matter how prominent you are, you’re always in competition with other properties.

Your average consumer on these booking websites isn’t going to jump at the very first listing they find.

The average user is going to make a shortlist of two to four properties they like... Then they’re going to choose the one that makes the best impression on them, the one that just makes sense.

And if your property is constantly coming in last it means you’re only taking bookings when the other guys are full. Which has a negative effect on your low-season bookings, on your shoulder-season bookings, and on the price premium you can demand.

To learn how your make your property “pop” we recommend reading our blog on how to create a magnetic listing.

Or if you’re ready to start taking your property to the next level, then download our FEO Method guide. It will take you less than 10 minutes to read, and give you everything you need to know to grow your holiday house business.


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