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How To Maximize Your Bookings On
May 5, 2016
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Which Holiday House Booking Sites Should You Be Listed On?

which holiday house sites should i be listed on

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What if your rental was solidly booked through the shoulder season? Not only that, what if it was at 30-40% occupancy in the low season too?

After lacklustre performance from your holiday house business, this level of bookings might seem like a pipe dream. But it doesn’t have to be.

When you use these platforms correctly, they can quickly come right and yield steady bookings.

Because these figures are what top local properties in your area are achieving.

These top properties are driving these bookings through the holiday house websites. And they’re driving the bookings by topping the search rankings. It’s as simple as that.

If You Want Great Bookings, You Need Them All

If you’re not on this platform, that’s great news. Because on this platform you can immediately get a top search placement without it costing you anything up front.

To do this you create a Gold Commission account. A Gold commission account gets you three times more exposure than a Classic account.


And if you’re really worried about the increased cut that HolidayHouses takes, and raise your prices by 6%. We dive into more detail on this in our blog on HolidayHouses.

But beware that as a top listed property you need to keep your calendars updated or you’re asking for trouble.


Airbnb need no introduction. They have a much larger international audience than the other two holiday house sites in NZ.

The website also have the attention of a significant amount of people living in New Zealand. And for many properties it works out to be the cheapest of the three core holiday house websites.

So, much business will Airbnb drive your rental?


The simple answer to that is that in most regions of NZ, it’s unlikely it will outperform Bookabach and HolidayHouses.

But it’s extremely popular and growing. Airbnb will supplement these two to the degree that you need to get on it. If you’re looking for maximum occupancy in the high season, and slow and steady low season, you need Airbnb. Take a look at our blog on Airbnb to learn how to succeed on the platform.


Bookabach is a company created in New Zealand and until recently was owned by a kiwi. As such, it’s a behemoth that can’t be passed by.

Like HolidayHouses, the Bookabach is a thriving platform with well over 10,000 properties listed, including places in the Pacific Islands.

However unlike HolidayHouses there’s a good chance you’ve had a mixed experience with Bookabach.


The website has a fully competitive search ranking system. Those properties who get the top listings, get massive rewards.

To learn some ways to become a superuser of Bookabach we recommend reading our blog about the platform.

The good news is that gaining a strong foothold on Bookabach isn’t hard. If you follow our FEO Method you’ll succeed very quickly on the platform. Any mistakes you have made in the past will be forgotten, as the platform calculates your search performance on your behaviour over the past 12 months.

To learn about the FEO Method and how you can use it to increase occupancy at your property, we recommend reading our short holiday house growth guide which lays out what all these websites ask of it’s users, and how you can action these steps.


But What About The Hotel-Style Websites?

Yes there are even more sites to be listed on. (which owns,,, etc),, and so on.

And you may be listed on these sites already. These websites are definitely not just for the hotels. They’re for you too.

However the reality for most holiday house owners is that it has not even been possible to have three really thriving listings running on the holiday house sites.

Simply because they’ve been too difficult to manage. However with the FEO Method, and by using some automation tools, you can now manage your platforms very easily.

If you’re interested in the hotel-style websites we recommend coming back to the blog. We’ll be posting about them soon.


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